Clarksdale, MS Man Shot Dead A Few Blocks From His Home

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(Clarksdale, MS) Clarksdale police are working work to solve the murder of a young man found shot to death.

It happened around 2:30 Sunday morning in a neighborhood that has seen its share of violence.

James Johnson knew the victim and said the murder, like so many other crimes in Clarksdale, is senseless.

"In the middle of the street. That's where we found him laid out at."

Timothy Anderson was in his early twenties when he was shot and killed at the intersection of Sixth Street and McKinley Street,

"I been knowing him since we were young. I felt like they did it to him for no reason."

A house on the corner of the intersection has two security cameras pointed toward the intersection, but it's unknown if they recorded the shooting.

Johnson heard the victim had just left his home a few blocks from the shooting scene and was, in his words, "kicking it" with some of his friends before he was killed.

"After five or ten minutes later, they heard a couple of shots. Everybody come outside, he was laying in the middle of the street," Johnson said.

Someone shot up two homes on McKinley Street last August.

Johnson doesn't know why his friend was killed, but says too many people are being gunned down on Clarksdale's streets,

"You never know who it be. Cause they just ride up and shoot."

He says there is a gang problem in Clarksdale, and knows police are doing all they can to stop the violence.

"The police are patrolling to fight the problem," he said. "They trying to get everything under control, get all the gang-bangers out of the streets and all that. Yea, they doin' they job as of right now."

If you can help police solve this murder, you're urged to call Clarksdale Police at 662-621-8151 or Clarksdale Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477.