Apartment Complex Security Guard Murdered on the Job

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(Memphis) People living in a Parkway Village apartment complex fear for their safety following the murder of a man hired to protect them.

Memphis Police are investigating the shooting death of a security guard at the Camelot Manor Apartments.

Neighbor Felicia Johnson says Saturday night, 32-year-old guard Joseph Williams got involved in an argument with someone but she's not sure what it was about.

“He got shot in the back of the head,” said Johnson.

It`s not the first time a man hired to keep Johnson and the other families safe has been attacked.

“This is the second one that got shot over here,” said Johnson.

Last May, another security guard was shot in the head. He survived. A teenager was charged with attempted first degree murder and aggravated robbery in that shooting. There are security cameras throughout the complex. Johnson hopes police are able to use surveillance video and capture whoever pulled the trigger in this shooting.

“We are afraid that we might not even have security no more. Everybody is going to be scared to help us,” said Johnson.

The mother says people living here need help. When she first moved in two years ago, the neighborhood was ok, but now the crime is just too much to handle.

“My neighbor that was here, she left because her grandkids didn't have anywhere to go outside. She was too afraid to let them outside, she moved,” said Johnson. Moving is also her plan.

“I want to be safe. I want to come in the gate and speak to my neighbors and go into the house with no problems. But it ain't like that, it’s been rough,” expressed Johnson.

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.