New Parking Meters Coming To Downtown Memphis

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(Memphis) Memphis City Council members had their first of three readings this week that will allow for the city to get rid of the current parking meters that accept quarters and install new meters that accept credit and debit cards.

The meters coming from the vendor Parkeon might be seen as soon as mid-September and fully installed as early as the end of October if there are no hiccups.

The meters will cost the city around $1.7 million. One hundred and forty of the meters will be multi-space, and another 440 will be single space meters.

The meters will be installed throughout downtown and the medical district.

There could also be a rate increase.

“Currently, it’s $1 an hour, which is fairly low compared to peer cities. But as the Downtown Memphis Commission noted, we don’t want to raise those rates so high that we scare people from coming downtown and parking,” said City of Memphis Engineering Director John Cameron.

“Right now, we have a very low compliance rate and the main thing that we are going to get out of this is the convenience of using a credit card or a debit card,” said Cameron.

The meters that will use wireless communication could have increased and decreased rates for different times of day and events.