Mother Says Child Hurt At City Run Summer Camp

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman wants answers about her child being injured at a city of Memphis summer camp.

The woman says when she picked up her child, he told her he’d been in pain for hours.

She wants to know why no one picked up the phone to tell her.

“My baby sat there in pain,” said the child’s mother.

She asked us not to use her name but the mother showed News Channel 3 what her son looked like when she picked him up from summer camp July 3rd at Marion Hale Community Center on Willow.

“His tooth was chipped and bleeding everywhere. His left side of his face was swollen,” She said.

Her son told her another child pushed his face into a mat. She says the camp staffers never said anything until she asked.

“Protocol is when a child gets hurt to call the parent, regardless,” the mother said.

She says she’s gotten the run around since the incident happened.

“They are passing me on from person to person and nothing is being done. He’s got to have a root canal come Monday or Tuesday,” she said.

She added, “Claims would not release me any information like the incident report. The waivers form nothing. “

Her son is now home during the day not allowed to go to camp. He's upset because like any kid he'd rather be playing with friends his own age. His mom isn't allowing it.

She said, “Now, we got a trust issue with them so I can't send him back there. It's like money lost. They won't even replace my money back. “

News Channel 3 asked the city of Memphis to tell us what its policy was when a child was hurt at one of its camps. They wouldn't tell us today. They told us to file an open records request and then we would get our answer.

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