Mayor Wharton Defends Memphis’ Economy

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(Memphis) From the Blues on Beale to the tourists taking in the town, Memphis appears to be red hot. Looks can be deceiving though, and the mayor admits it.

“We have significant financial challenges” said Mayor A C Wharton.

Fire stations are closing, city services slashed and then a warning from the state comptroller that we're seriously in debt.

It sounds an awful lot like what's happening in Detroit, that city says it’s bankrupt.

Mayor Wharton says Memphis makes money everywhere from healthcare to manufacturing. The diversity protects us.

He also outlined more reforms to save money from the city pension.  ou have to be older to sign up and you get less if you retire early.

He says we have problems, but we’re not Detroit.

Whether the mayor's right depends on who you talk to.

Danielle Howell fears we’re headed in the wrong direction.

“Crime has to get a lot better, that’s why people don't come, it’s the crime”.

But Daniel Youngblood disagrees.

“I've been to Detroit and couldn't wait to get back to Memphis.”

Mayor Wharton spoke to the state comptroller this week to see if he’s pleased with the city’s new budget.

The mayor said the comptroller didn’t give many compliments, but didn’t express dire problems either.