Dyersburg Man Attacked And Robbed In Park by Young Teens

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(Dyersburg, TN) People in Dyersburg are a little uneasy exercising on the Dyersburg Activity Center’s trail after a man was attacked by a group of teenagers.

Park officials say that man was exercising on the trail when the group approached him and asked if he had any money.

He didn't answer them. Instead, he just kept walking and the group is accused of then attacking him hitting him in the back of the head and taking his wallet.

Police told the State Gazette they arrested four kids -- the youngest 12 years old and the oldest 16.

Jackie Alexander exercises at the park and can't believe how young the alleged robbers are.

“That's unreal. I can't believe parents can't control their children better than this,” said Alexander.

Kacee Hardy goes to the park about four times a week and says more and more kids are starting to loiter at Dyersburg's Activity center.

“A lot of times in the afternoons kids will just be walking around but I’ve never thought anything about it. I've always felt safe here,” said Hardy.

Josh Simpson Is one of those teens and says kids like him hang out and workout at the park.

“They got a right to be down here. There is a lot of playgrounds and stuff for them to play on,” said Simpson.

Park officials say the idea is to keep kids who visit the center occupied so they don't have time to make trouble.

“I think maybe it just made us more aware and maybe our guys can take the utility vehicles around and keep an eye on things,” said Park Director Andrew Baker.

There are also cameras around the park, and Baker Says the victim is doing OK.