Cohen Explains Why No DNA Test Taken

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(Memphis) A day after the much talked about DNA test reveals Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen is not a father, he says he’s feeling the love from his constituents back home in Memphis.

Cohen spoke out in an interview today about the DNA test that revealed 24 year old swim suit model Victoria Brink was not his daughter. He answered questions about why he waited more than 3 years to have a paternity test to prove Brink was his daughter.

“I wanted her to know that I loved her and I wanted her to be my daughter and I wanted to be her father and I didn`t want her to think in any way I was trying to shirk responsibility,” said Cohen.

Cohen didn’t have a DNA test at first but John Brink, the man Victoria originally was told was her father, did.

“Apparently he had taken a test with her sometime after the twitter incident and it come out that he was the father but the mother didn`t believe it and told me she didn`t believe it,” said Cohen.

The Congressman believes Brink’s mother, the woman he had a brief affair with, believed he was the father. He’s doesn’t think either mother or daughter had any ulterior motives. Cohen addressed the issue on Facebook and Twitter. He tweeted thanks to those who have been supportive and said it was difficult to endure even worse dealing with the media.

As for what will happen to the relationship Cohen had with the daughter he believed to be his. Cohen said even today the two traded text messages. Her pictures are still on his Facebook page and in his home and office.

“I hope to have a relationship with her. I care about her. She`s a very sweet young lady and for 3 and a half years I had a daughter and it was nice to care about somebody and to share,” said Cohen.