18-Wheeler Blocks Part Of I-55

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(Memphis) An 18-wheeler blocked traffic on Interstate 55 Tuesday afternoon after toppling over onto its side.

The semi collided with a car on the wet roadway.

The crash blocked all the northbound lanes to the interstate, creating a traffic nightmare for drivers.

Traffic completely stopped behind the overturned truck, while vehicles crawled past in the southbound lanes as people slowed to stare.

Many stuck in traffic got out of their cars as they waited for emergency crews to clear the scene.

It took three hours.

As the rain poured down, tow-truck drivers were able to set the truck upright and tow it away.

Luckily, fire investigators say the truck wasn't carrying hazardous materials, so clean-up was quicker than usual.

The driver of the 18-wheeler and the car's driver were taken to the hospital.

Despite the seriousness of the crash, both are expected to be OK.

Police did not say who caused the crash.