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Crash Survivor Faces Officer Charged In Fatal Crash

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(Memphis) A former Memphis police officer was finally forced to face the family he ripped apart.

Alex Beard was driving more than 90 miles an hour, without his emergency lights or siren on last August, when he crashed into another car on Crump Avenue.

A 13-year-old girl and her mother died in the crash.

Beard was in court today and could no longer avoid our camera or the victim’s family.

“Let him do just like I do. Go to sleep crying and wake up crying because my family is gone. That man killed my baby. I won’t get a chance to walk her down the aisle to marry somebody or see some grandkids,” said Michael Ross, crash survivor.

Ross finally came face to face with former Memphis police officer Alex Beard today.

Ross was the driver of the car Beard hit last August. He was also Makala Ross’ father and Delois Epps' boyfriend. They both died in the crash.

“Today was my first day to see him,” said Lettie Mae Murphy, Delois’ sister.

It was the family’s first time to see Beard because he made two court appearances before the scheduled court date and nobody told the family until after it happened.

In one of those court dates, Beard pleaded not guilty.

Today, a judge ordered him back to court August 7th to set a trial date or change his plea.

“If he takes it to trial, it's a waste of taxpayers’ money because the man is guilty. Everybody in three different states knows he's guilty,” said Ross.

However, Beard’s lawyer says just because Beard broke police policy by speeding without blue lights and a siren on doesn’t mean he broke the law. Beard contends Ross turned in front of him.

Beard’s lawyer, Leslie Ballin, said, “Mr. Beard is charged with vehicular homicide by reckless conduct. Those are two different animals.”

Ross says the injuries he still suffers from almost a year later are proof a crime was committed.

“If I don't soon get this surgery done, this thing is going to bust or set up an infection. Then I’ll be dead, that will be three people he killed. I guess that will be enough evidence then. Two ain't enough,” said Ross as he pointed to his herniated stomach.

Beard left the court today very quickly without saying a word to anyone, but he'll be back in August when he will have to answer at least one question. That is whether he wants a jury trial.