Military Bringing Free Health Services To The Delta

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(Phillips County, AR) Military personnel from Iowa and Indiana are spending two weeks in one of this country's poorest regions,  the Delta of Arkansas and Mississippi.

There are about two hundred men and women in uniform taking part in operation "Delta Medical 2013," providing free medical services.

In Helena-West Helena, Arkansas people lined up early for the for the much needed and appreciated goodwill.

The military calls it a "can do" attitude.

And that's just what Army, Navy and Air Force reservists brought to Helena-West Helena, Arkansas.

Their mission is to bring free medical services to people in the Delta region of Arkansas and Mississippi.

Army Major Bryce Henson, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, says troops will be providing a lot of assistance to people in the Delta,

"We're offering basic medical exams, medical screenings, we're doing dental exams, dental extractions, some minor restorative work. And then optometry."

There are 40 reservists at the Wellness Center for the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences East in Phillips County, another two hundred across the river in Mississippi.

Medical services are offered to anyone older than 2 years of age, with no strings attached.

Becky Hall, center director, says that's a big incentive for people here.

"There are no questions asked, no forms to be filled out, no Medicaid, Medicare requirements," she said.

Hall says many people in the Delta have no health insurance of any kind.

And were it not for these soldiers, sailors and airmen, we would have no medical care at all.

"We've had people come in that have had every tooth in their heads pulled. So, there's just extreme need here," Hall said.

The medical mission is getting a big thumbs up from Lou Ballard of Helena-West Helena.

"I'm glad that they put it together for us. 'Cause we desperately need medical care and unfortunately a lot of us don't have needed insurance," Ballard said.

"Delta Medical 2013" will continue through July 25th from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There is no appointment needed in Helena-West Helena or at locations in Clarksdale, Marks, Rosedale and Tunica, Miss.