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Investigation Continues Into “Trayvon” Beating

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(Senatobia, MS) Darneshia Mitchell has lived in Senatobia for 25 years and says it’s not the kind of place where you’d find a hate crime.

That’s why she says she’s skeptical of the man who claimed three others beat him over the not guilty verdict in the death of Treyvon Martin.

”I think he just trying to get attention," she said. "He’s lying”.

But the man told News Channel 3 Monday that three black men kidnapped and beat him over the long-running, emotional trial because he's white.

”Only thing he said was, 'You know who Trayvon is?' I said 'No.' He said 'Trayvon Martin.' I said 'Yeah.' He said 'I'm fixin' to beat you for Trayvon,'" the man said.

So far, there’s very little information available about the case. There are no firm suspect descriptions. All we know is the men supposedly drove a late model Chevy.

Sources close to the investigation say the victim in this case gave them very little solid information to go on in the early stages, something that raised some concerns with detectives.

But police say it’s their duty to investigate any and all claims, and so far their victim has been cooperative.

”We keep asking him, the victim, he’s got the same story every time we ask him, so it’s pretty well panning out same story he gave on Monday he gave the same thing today” said Senatobia Police Chief Steve Holts.

But many here say that’s just not how things are in Senabobia.

Mitchell points out that if this were a kind of hate crime, she’d expect the victim to be in much worse shape.

”He ain’t in the hospital or anything like that," she said. "He’s still walking around."

The attack remains under investigation by Senatobia Police and the Tate County Sheriff’s Department.