Mid-South Reacts to Zimmerman Verdict

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(Memphis) A not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman sparked totally different reactions all over the country and right here in Memphis.

“I think George Zimmerman not guilty is a load of crap,” said Bryce Cook.

“I do believe in the justice system. I believe Zimmerman is not guilty,” said a Memphis woman who did not want to be identified.

“Due to the case the prosecution put on, if I was on the jury, I couldn’t find him guilty based on that,” expressed Al Yarbrough.

Still, Yarbrough fears his 15-year-old son's life isn’t valued, “You are a young black man in America. You are an endangered species. It’s up to you to take care of yourself."

“He was basically shot because of the color of his skin. What's the difference between me and him?,” expressed A.J. Yarbrough, Al’s teenage son.

The Sanford, Florida jury believes Zimmerman acted in self-defense, but the NAACP believes Zimmerman acted out of racism.

“Anytime you use certain expletives to describe a person and then we know other young men felt George Zimmerman had a hostile demeanor to them, we know this is a violation of civil rights,” said NAACP Memphis Chapter President, Reverend Keith Norman.

The NAACP is pushing the Justice Department to file criminal charges against George Zimmerman, claiming he violated Trayvon Martin's civil rights.

Memphis Attorney D'Army Bailey thinks it’s a solid federal case, “They didn’t use race in the state’s prosecution in Florida, so he hasn’t been prosecuted on a racial crime,:

Previously, however the DO did not deem the case race based.

“Memphis is one of the places we should be outraged daily. Not because of what happened in Florida, but what’s happening in our community. We are losing far too many black males,” said Yarbrough.