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Dozens March in Support of Trayvon Martin

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(Memphis) Dozens of Trayvon Martin supporters marched through downtown Memphis Sunday in honor of the slain teen.

“The main lesson is to not let courage skip our generation. To keep on fighting the fight,” said Jamesia Terry who organized the rally with a friend.

They quickly got the message out Sunday afternoon through social media.

“I think our youth right now need a wake-up call. This is for all youth regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender and age. It’s time for us to come together and start standing up for what we believe is right,” said organizer Lindsey Burgess.

George Zimmerman who admitted to shooting Martin in self-defense was found not guilty on second degree murder charges Saturday evening.

Zimmerman followed Martin which led to an altercation, where Zimmerman said he felt his life was threatened.

Participants marched from the FedexForum to the county courthouse on Adams down Third Street.

“These things are happening all the time. So it’s not just Trayvon Martin, it’s the next person,” said participant Austin Crowder.