Jury Deliberates Zimmerman’s Fate For A Second Day

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(CNN) — The six jurors contemplating George Zimmerman’s future deliberated straight through lunch Saturday.

That fact alone doesn’t reveal anything about the content of the discussions, of course, but it could — maybe — hint at a sense of urgency in the second day of deliberations.

How long other juries deliberated for in other high-profile cases

There were 1,009 killings by firearm in Florida in 2012, but the one that took Trayvon Martin’s life gripped the nation.

Various threads spun together to capture the public imagination. They include an adult firing upon an unarmed teen, claims of self-defense and accusations of racial profiling: Martin was black; Zimmerman, the son of a Peruvian mother and a white American father, identifies as Hispanic.

The February 26, 2012, shooting in Sanford, Florida, stirred debates about race in America and gun laws.

Zimmerman faces acquittal, conviction or the possibility of a hung jury if the six-person, all-woman jury cannot agree on a verdict.

As of Saturday early afternoon, jurors had deliberated for more than nine hours.

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