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Minister Accused of Throwing Brick At Neighbor

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(Memphis) A North Memphis minister turned himself in to police Thursday after he was charged with assaulting his neighbor.

Marcus McCrary said he’s a minister who works with the Cathedral of God Holy Word Temple. News Channel 3 was unable to reach church leaders for comment.

McCrary spoke to News Channel 3 before walking into 201 Poplar.

“The Lord will prevail,” McCrary said.

McCrary said that he has previously served time for murder, and was on drugs, before he made a major life change in focusing on God.

He called it a “squabble” that happened Monday afternoon, when he saw an elderly neighbor picking up tree limbs.

McCrary said he told the man and woman next door that they should be helping her.

Down the block, neighbor Edward Williams said he heard the commotion.

Williams was told the male neighbor then got angry.

“And he said hey, f-- that old lady. And before [McCrary] knew it, he was picking up things and throwing them.”

The police report states the female neighbor was hit with a brick, causing a small bruise.

McCrary told News Channel 3 the woman’s partner gave him more trouble.

“Then he tried to come back to me, and telling me that if I give him $500 he won’t press charges on me.”

Williams said neither party is in the right, especially for McCrary, who is supposed to lead by example.

“Preachers don’t do that. Don’t do that. Not good for the kids,” he said.

News Channel 3 did not find the couple at home. The elderly woman picking up tree limbs was not at home either.

McCrary said he mentors kids on the block, and he felt that turning himself in would be the best thing to do.

“I have to show them kids that I’m not going to run. So I’ve got to come here, and stand up here, and let God do his will,” McCrary said.

McCrary was charged with two counts of assault, driving without a license, and improper headlights.