Child Charged For Kidnapping Hoax

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The spot where the child told authorities he was removed from the made-up vehicle.

(Fayette Co., TN) Sources tell us charges have been filed against the 11-year-old boy who fabricated a kidnapping story on June 27th.

The child told News Channel 3 he was going to get in trouble with his parents, so he made up the story. He based his tale on a Lifetime movie.

Investigators said when they heard that story, they had no choice but to believe him.

“In today’s world, you can’t dismiss something because it’s bizarre,” Fayette County Inspector Raymond Garcia, III, said.

Authorities spent three hours searching for the kidnappers.

“You have to consider whether it’s children or not, and they obviously don’t think about those implications a lot of times as far as the cost,” said resident Peter Moffatt.

No word yet on when the 11-year-old’s first court date will be.