Two MS Deputies Injured During Altercation In Como, MS

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(Como, MS) The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is looking into a fight between two sheriff's deputies, a man and a woman, from two different Mississippi counties.

Details are hard to come by, but first responders described a chaotic scene that left both people bloodied and bruised.

No one answered the door Thursday morning at the home of Panola County Deputy Emily Griffin in Como.

The MBI says Griffin's home was the scene of a violent fight early Thursday morning between Griffin and a Jasper County deputy named Barry Gregg.

Como's Assistant Police Chief Faye Pettis spoke with the first responding officer.

"When he arrived on the scene the two people was covered in blood and both off them had been into a serious physical altercation," Pettis said.

Pettis says according to her officer, both Griffin and Gregg had deep lacerations on their faces, and that Griffin's service pistol may have been used during the fight, but not fired.

"He said it looked like maybe one of them had been assaulted with the weapon because hair was all on the weapon," Pettis said.

A preliminary report from the MBI stated the man and woman were both off duty, were both under the influence of alcohol and both hit each other.

Pettis says Gregg told one of her officers that Griffin started the fight and when he tried to leave, she came after him with her pistol drawn.

"And told him to get on the ground, kept telling him to get on the ground," Pettis said. "And I don't know how they got, like, physical."

Pettis says the MBI was called in to investigate the incident because there were two law enforcement officers involved.

Thursday morning's altercation came as a shock to one woman we talked with.

"Como's a quiet little place," said Frances May, who told us her husband was awakened by all the police activity.

"Police cars and an ambulance. So I assume he looked out the window or something, had to. I don't know that he came outside," she said.

Como Assistant Chief Faye Pettis said she doesn't know of any prior domestic violence calls to the house.

Griffin was released from the hospital. So far no charges have been filed in the case.