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Special Master Bills School District

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(Memphis) In accordance with a federal court order, the special master of the merged school district has billed the school system for 114 hours he worked overseeing the budget and merger process.

U.S. Judge Samuel “Hardy” Mays had determined that the person in such a position should be paid $250 per hour by the school district.

Masson documented that he worked 58 hours in March, 37 hours in April and 19 hours in May. The total bill comes to $28,750.

Much of that time was spent sitting at school board meetings and answering questions from board members.

Judge Mays specifically asked Masson to make sure the Transition Planning Commission’s suggestions were implemented, and to make sure decisions were made in a timely manner.

Masson also served as the eyes and ears of the federal court.

Shelby County Board of Education Chairman Billy Orgel said that the amount billed was well worth it and that Masson did excellent work to assist them.

See the invoices here.