Figuring Out The City Of Memphis’ Plan To Fight Blight

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(Memphis) The head of Community Enhancement for the City of Memphis, Onzie Horne, and his staff pulled out maps, charts and graphs to show us the city's plan to tackle blight 25 blocks at a time.

"We have a total of 89 crews and we are working in 35 to 40 different tracks at any given time," said Horne.

He says it's working. They have gone from clearing weeds from 7,000 properties in 2012 to almost 35,000 this year.

Still, neighbors who have seen no action for months where they live want to know when they will get help.

The city showed us the work they are doing through July 15th, but didn't have the plans to show us what neighborhoods they would be in beyond that.

The uncertainty is why many of you called News Channel 3.

Just yesterday we showed you three properties residents say they can't get city action on.

Today, the city tells us work is now underway.

Residents tell us they are not seeing any action and they feel they have to call the media to get answers in their particular neighborhoods.

"There are many that called in about overgrowth on their property in March. We did 17,000 that we got to. We didn't get them all but we will," says Horne.

"You don't know when?" we asked.

"I do know when. We got 9,000 just last month," says Horne.

They could never tell us a list of communities where they would be past next week .

They say the extent of the blight plays a  factor in where they go and they have to track down property owners.

We are told the city is working on a web program that will allow you to go online and find out where work crews are, but they don't know when that will be up and running.

We'll keep trying to get you answers and figure out the city's plan.