Kroger Stops Double Coupon Option

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(Memphis) A change at Kroger could impact how much it will cost you to feed you and your family. Starting Wednesday, the area's largest grocery store will no longer allow doubling on coupons.

Jessica White found a great deal on a summertime staple -- barbecue sauce.

“The coupon was a dollar off of two products and Kroger had it for 50 cents, so you got it for free without the double coupon,” said White.

For the mom and writer of coupon blog My Memphis Mommy, saving is extremely important. Now White must do it without doubling coupons. Kroger just clipped the option from its stores.

The grocery giant says it did that to make room for lower, everyday prices for everyone, not just shoppers like Jessica.

“We are in this time in the economy where everybody is looking for lower prices. We do a lot of consumer research,” said Joe Bell with Kroger.

“I was actually going over receipts I had over the years just to add my savings on doubles. It came up to $3,” said White.

$3 a trip can add up, but Jessica isn't panicking.

“So far we've seen lower prices and better deals,” said White.

The coupon connoisseur suggests downloading apps to get e-coupons from area stores.

She also points out that until the end of the summer, you can earn rewards to knock down gas prices. To earn those savings, you must shop in Kroger stores Friday through Sunday.

Looking for deals can take more time, but sites like My Memphis Mommy can help you save that, too.

Every week, the blogs lists a Kroger match-up of not only what's on sale, but where you can find a coupon to make that sale even better.