Weather-related closings

Memphis Fire Station To Close

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(Memphis) Fire Station 6 sits north of St. Jude Hospital. It's been in North Memphis for about 60 years.

Now the city will cut the service and the firefighters in an effort to save money.

“We rely on them, we may not see them every day, we wave and everything”, said Billy Kirkland.

Kirkland is a member of the church right across the street. Having the firefighters so close helps insurance rates and provides comfort in case paramedics need to be called for elderly members.

Memphis Fire Association President Thomas Malone is just as concerned. Malone says the city's action has caught him by surprise and it doesn't make much sense.

He’s worried about a ripple effect in all neighborhoods, saying there will be less workers, less equipment, and more room for error.

“There's going to be a tremendous amount of lag time before equipment gets on the scene to help people”, said Malone.

“We're going to try to do too much with too little and it's going to create injury or even death.”