Horn Lake To Require Recipts For All Expenses

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(Horn Lake, MS) Drugstore manager Ann Pitts keeps a tight rein on her store’s money, which is why customers get receipts for their purchases.

She says it’s also important when employees buy supplies for the store, ”So we can keep track of where our stuff goes. If it’s my employees buying something for the store, I need to be able to keep up with our money."

At most companies, it’s a fact of life.

Super Drugs, like a lot of companies, requires receipts. Even though they’re sometimes a lot to keep up with, they say it’s just good business.

Now, Horn Lake Mayor Alan Latimer has adopted what he calls “good business practice” by adopting the same receipt rules.

"If you’re spending taxpayer’s money, please give us a receipt in order to get reimbursed," he said.

Latimer used to run his own small business and says he got used to having to provide receipts for all his expenses during his time in DeSoto County government.

”When I was on the Board of Supervisors, we were required to turn ‘em in," he said. "Here in the municipal setting, they’re not required to turn ‘em in.”

But starting immediately, it’s now the rule in Horn Lake.

Latimer wants to prove that spending scandals that hit other cities like Southaven, won’t happen her.

"Our goal is to let the citizens of Horn Lake know that we here, we realize they trust us with their taxpayer’s money and we’ve got to be worthy of that trust and show we’re worthy of it," Latimer said.

It’ll be especially important during next week’s Municipal League Conference in Biloxi, which has a history of free spending.

Residents and business people like the new rules.

"If we wanna know where the city’s money goes as a taxpayer, I want to know where that money goes” said Pitts.

She says running the city like a business will benefit everyone.