House Fire Victim Warns Of Dozing Off While Candles Burn

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(Memphis) A man woke up only to find a fire sweeping through his bedroom about a foot away from where he was sleeping. Thankfully, he escaped. But the fire gutted part of his home.

61-year-old Roy Fisher has a lifetime full of Memories buried in ashes. Everything in the music lover and marine veteran's Laura street bedroom is now rubble after a Saturday night fire.

“I was here by myself. I had an incense candle burning. I must have dozed off,” said Fisher.

When he woke up the candle was knocked over. Flames were a few feet high and so close to where he was sleeping; he could reach out and touch them.

“I kind of froze a minute, trying to figure out what I should do first,” said Fisher.

He grabbed a bucket of water and tried to put out the flames twice, but they just grew bigger and more fierce.

“When I saw it coming up on the ceiling, I knew I couldn’t doing anything about that,” said Fisher.

He grabbed his dog, Pee Wee, ran out the house and called for help.

“I'm glad I decided to get out of here. You always think it’s not going to happen to you, but life is unpredictable,” said Fisher.

Memphis firefighters put out the flames, but not before they gutted the bedroom.

It was so hot in Fishers home, heat melted a register on the opposite side of the house.Now, Fisher is warning others.

“Be careful when you are using any kind of candle especially if you are going to doze off and go to sleep. I didn’t have any intention of doing that, but it happened,” said Fisher.

He also advises to get a working smoke detector. It’s something Fisher didn’t have but says he meant to get a while back.

“Don't procrastinate like I did,” said Fisher

He’s thankful he woke up in time and no one was hurt.