Pricey Wheelchair Stolen From Elderly Woman

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(Memphis) A 69-year-old Memphis woman is hoping that her $6,000 motorized wheelchair that was stolen this week will be returned.

“It's heartless; there are a lot of heartless people out here today. They just don't care,” said Sara Lawson about the theft that happened while she was inside the Family Dollar on Highland this week.

“I should've parked inside, but I don't like to drive my scooter between the aisles. Somebody saw me park it outside and they jumped on it and took off on it,” Lawson explained.

According to the police report, Memphis Police have a witness who saw the theft, but the witness has not been able to provide a good description.

Lawson depends on the motorized chair because of her health problems.

“I have arthritis (and) I have diabetes,” said Lawson.

She is hoping her chair is returned. In the meantime, she is stuck depending on others to run her errands.

“To go to the bank, to go to family dollar store and CVS. You know just back and forth, different places," she said.