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Woman Cut Hole In Cup To Record Movie In Theater

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(Collierville, TN) A Shelby County woman was arrested for illegally recording and making movies.

Nekeedia Miller was caught recording the new "Monsters University" movie at the Malco Theatre in Collierville.

According to the arrest affidavit, she cut a hole out of a drink cup and put a small camera inside to record the movie.

When police followed up at her home, they learned she not only records movies, but reproduces them as well.

Investigators say they found 11,906 DVD movies, as well as computers and DVD burners, inside her apartment.

In her car, they allegedly recovered another 126 DVDs.

According to the arrest affidavit, "the Motions Pictures Association of America lost more than $119,000 because of her crimes."

“It’s sad but its people out here trying to make it,” Debra Winfield said.

Winfield is Miller’s neighbor. She said she never saw Miller sell the DVDs, but says it’s a crime she's sees all the time..

“Certain places, beauty shops and schools," Winfield said.

The general manager at the Malco Theatre declined to comment on the crime, but one movie worker told News Channel 3 they have people who watch out for crimes like this, which sadly happen far too often.

Miller is out of jail on $10,000 bond. She is charged with possession/sale counterfeit marks, unauthorized recording/motion picture and unlawful possession of recording devices.