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Park Organizers Say Security Will Make Fireworks Safe And Fun

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(Memphis) Families started heading to Mud Island River Park hours before the scheduled celebration began. They came to have a fun, safe time.

Gwen Manning said, "What we do, we have a buddy system. We are just going to hang tight with the kids and enjoy the fireworks. I think it will be safe. Memphis police have been pretty good in these events so it will be nice."

The Riverfront Development Corporation spent months planning tonight's show, hoping to set the stage for memorable Fourth of July holiday.

Organizers wanted to make sure the event is memorable for all the right reasons, so security was at the top of their list. There are robotic eyes in the sky and plenty of manpower on the ground.

"We have security here, Mud Island River Park security and then we bring in a few other officers from Pro Tec and they come in and help us out," said Carmen Jones, Riverfront Development Corporation.

The park also monitors everyone who comes and goes. An employee is stationed at the entrance to the park.

Organizers say there have never been any problems at the event, but from past events in other cities they know you can never be too careful.

One mom knows that too, but trusts the park to make it a safe, fun place to be.

"I haven't thought of that today, actually. My mind has been on having fun with her and celebrating the day," said Tammy Ford.

The fireworks begin about 9:30 p.m. The activities started at 6 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.