Warm Temps Could Tempt Thieves At Memphis Parks

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(Memphis) Summertime also means more crime opportunities in easy-to-hit locations.

Overton Park Director Tina Sullivan said she knows of at least three car break-ins at the park in the last week.

“I can`t necessarily say I've seen an uptick in activity. I would say it's cyclical. So we`ll have an occasion spay of break-ins,” said Sullivan.

Memphis Police wouldn't confirm if it is cyclical or not. The department would only say releasing numbers would be misleading.

That doesn't comfort victims like Kim Gurly.

She was walking her dog Gus when thieves busted her window.

“My purse was stolen and they spend $1,200 at 8:06. They had spent it since 7:20,” said Gurly.

Sullivan says there are ways to protect yourself.

“Make sure they're not showing any valuables when they leave their car. Lock their car and make sure if they put something in their trunk to do it before they get to the park. Because someone could be watching them put their purse in the trunk,” said Sullivan.

Park leaders say they work very closely with Memphis Police so when they see an uptick in break-ins, MPD ups their patrols in the park.

That way they can squash any problems before it gets worse.

“When you've got nice cars and nice things, people want it,” said park-goer Andrew Cooper.

Cooper takes his daughters to Overton and isn't taking any chances.

“We locked up. Alarm, kill switch, all that. You can't get in mine!” said Cooper.