Storm Water Ordinance Change Proposed

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(Memphis) The Memphis city council could soon approve a crackdown on storm water pollution. A committee approved changes to an ordinance that will allow for public works to cite businesses and homeowners caught polluting.

“From leaves, to household hazardous waste, it could be run off from a construction project,” said Public Work Director Dwan Gilliom.

The pollution leads to clogged drains and contaminated water feeding into nearby waterways.

Before, the ordinance required there to be proof that the pollution actually damaged the storm water system.

“Sometimes we do witness the violation. We get calls from homeowners where they say the yard man that is at my neighbor’s house right now is blowing leaves or blowing grass into the street and they are still in that act when we arrive on scene,” said Gilliom.

If cited, the storm water board will decide how much they have to pay, ranging anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the nature of the violation.

Council still has to approve the changes.