Mayor Takes Pay Cut To Set Example

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(Horn Lake, MS) Joe Sanders spent years on the streets as a Horn Lake cop, and always thought politicians made too much money.

”They make way too much for the positions they’re in," he said.

So it came as a pleasant surprise to learn that Horn Lake’s new mayor, Allen Latimer, asked aldermen to cut his pay just minutes after taking the oath of office.

”Whose idea was it to cut the pay? Why, it was mine," Latimer said.

With only a little discussion, the board voted unanimously to cut the new mayor’s pay from just under $88,000 a year, to just over $74,000, a 15 percent cut.

Latimer says he wants to show he’s committed to Horn Lake, and help encourage people to volunteer to help their city.

”I’m hoping that if they will just look at that pay cut, maybe some of those will say maybe I’ve got a few minutes," he said.

He says city finances are thin, and he’s going to need citizens to get involved to help move Horn Lake forward.

Pay cut or not, Mayor Latimer has hit the ground running with lots of changes at City Hall to make the place more citizen friendly.

For the first time, Horn Lake has a receptionist and an open-door policy in city offices.

Mayor Latimer says he wants citizens to feel like they have a stake in Horn Lake’s success.

”I just want them to be committed to Horn Lake like I’m committed to Horn Lake," he said.

And that’s just what residents like Joe Sanders want to hear.

”Yes, and I think more should follow that trend. It sets a good example for everybody else," Sanders said.