Guns Not Allowed At Corps Lakes

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(Arkabutla Lake, MS) Mickey Rials comes to Arkabutla Lake for the peace and quiet. It’s where he comes to get away from the pressures of the world, and it’s dangers.

”It’s a beautiful spot out here, plenty of water, plenty of lake," Rials said.

And it’s one place he doesn’t have to worry about guns.

At the same time Mississippi is set to make it legal for anyone to openly carry a gun without any kind of permit or training, it’s not legal here and it never will be.

While Mississippi’s gun law is in a kind of legal limbo right now, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reminds us guns aren’t allowed on federal property for any reason.

Ernie Lentz of Arkabutla Lake says federal regulations are clear-cut.

”Regulations state only firearms that are authorized. Law enforcement officers of folks who have written permission from the District Commander," Lentz said.

It applies at all the Corps lakes all up and down Mississippi, and in the Tenn Tom region just outside Pickwick lake and down Mississippi’s eastern border.

Lentz says you’d be surprised at the people who don’t know they can’t bring guns here.

”Just last week I ran into an individual who had a weapon and when I asked him about it he said he had a permit to carry and I had to explain the regulation to him," he said.

He added that no matter what the law is elsewhere, federal law remains the same. No guns on federal property.

”Well, this is a place where the family comes and stuff. You wouldn’t want somebody loose with a gun,” said Rials.

Making the trip to the lake that much more restful.