Electrolux Jobs Could Come With A Cost For Applicants

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(Memphis) New jobs for Memphis, but they may come at a cost.

Electrolux promised to bring hundreds of jobs to the city in return for some big tax breaks.

Candidates are going through a job training program to qualify for manufacturing jobs, but being hired isn’t a sure thing.

The training will take place at Southwest Community College with a four-week course.

Job candidates will learn about the manufacturing industry and work skills that would help them on the job site.

Alfred Robinson lost his job months ago, so getting one at Electrolux means a future for him.

Robinson is one of 75 people taking training courses through the Memphis workforce investment network.

It's the first step in landing the job.

“I think it`s a great opportunity. They offer to pay if you make the grade,” said Robinson.

Making the grade means passing the four-week training course in the classroom, not in a manufacturing plant But if you don't pass, you'll be forced to pay $1,200.

“I have friends who have children who have graduated from college who don't have a job, so yes that's part of the risk,” said Workforce Investment Network Director Naomi Earp.

Earp says signing up through them guarantees you a job with Electrolux if you pass the class.

“At the end of the four weeks, Electrolux will make a decision about who gets hired. At this point we have a 75 percent success rate. The training doesn't guarantee a job but the odds are pretty good,” said Earp.

According to the Department of Labor, Memphis has the worst unemployment rate in the country, and Earp says the city's comeback is built around manufacturing jobs like these at Electrolux.

Electrolux officials told News Channel 3 the training courses are not a requirement, but they do give candidates an advantage.

Candidates who aren’t going through the WIN network are registering directly with Southwest and must pay the full $2,000 tuition.

Electrolux is planning to hire a total of 4,800 people, with most manufacturing hires coming from local Memphians.