Property Values Up, Taxes Steady In DeSoto

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(Hernando, MS) Most wouldn’t call these boom times in DeSoto County, but everyone here seems to agree things are looking up.

Latest figures from the DeSoto Property Assessor Monday confirm that.

”It was great, positive news. Our assessments have increased by point-nine-eight percent and so we’re very, very excited about that,” explained Supervisor Lee Caldwell, who believes people here have confidence in their future in terms of their jobs and their economic security, and that people will pay a premium to live here to get good schools and safer streets.

It also suggests DeSoto may be leading the Mid-South in terms of growth.

”We do feel the economy is turning. We do feel it’s on the upswing. Our unemployment rate is low," Caldwell said.

It comes at a time when the latest unemployment numbers for the Memphis area show a jobless rate of 9.5 percent.

The situation in DeSoto is a far cry from Shelby County, where depressed values brought major adjustments in tax rates. People in DeSoto don’t expect much change in their tax rates at all, if any.

And supervisors say they plan to stay the course.

”Good news is, no major changes for taxpayers. This is the great news," Caldwell said.

Caldwell says the board’s conservative policies have helped hold the line on expenses.

”Our goal in DeSoto County is to increase services without increasing taxes," she said.

She said she believes that could fuel even more growth and stronger property values.