New Board, New Day In Southaven

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(Southaven, MS) Southaven Concerned Citizens head Linda Temple says now that she’s helped sweep problems out of Southaven government, she’s looking forward to change.

"We’re expecting truthfulness, politicians that are really looking out for the interest of our city," Temple said.

She says some areas of town have gone neglected too long.

”Well, for one thing, that our roads here in Southaven need some stronger looking at, even though I know last year, they did some extensive paving," Temple said.

That’s why she’s looking forward with great interest to Southaven’s first meeting of its new mayor and aldermen.

She says it’ll set the tone for the next four years.

Southaven leaders set their first new agenda first thing Tuesday morning with a department head meeting in the mayor’s conference room.

News Channel 3 managed to get a rare, early copy, which includes extending contracts for several services, including grass cutting.

”We’re gonna discuss extending the contract for grass cutting on the right of way because especially in Ward 2, the grass needs cutting on the right of way” said new alderman Shirley Beshears.

It’s not the same as the controversial contract we told you about a couple of weeks ago, and Beshears says there’ll be full discussion.

”I think there’s bee full discussion and questions and if the public has questions we’ll be available to answer ‘em," she said.

In other words, no more short meetings in Southaven.

So far there hasn’t been a major shake-up in Southaven government except at the Court Department, where longtime Municipal Judge B.G. Perry has been let go.

Temple says along with new business, she expects a fresh look at some of the old issues too.

”Getting back to the Senior Center, I think there needs to be some questions answered before they move forward," she said.

And she says she’s got plenty of questions for the new board.