Accused Muderer Has Criminal History In Forrest City, AR

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(Forrest City, AR) News Channel 3 spent Tuesday digging into the criminal history of a murder suspect who's out of jail without bond.

Investigators arrested Majed Attaharwi over the weekend.

They say he intentionally ran over a bicyclist, but it's not his first run-in with police.

Arrest records obtained from St. Francis County District Court show 57-year-old Majed Attaharwi's criminal record dates back to 1996.

Some of the charges he faced: receiving stolen property, public display of obscenity, operating a business without a license and selling pornography to minors.

Now he faces first-degree murder charges and leaving the scene of an accident following the death of 60-year-old James Holland.

Holland was killed while riding his bicycle along West Street near Broadway in Forrest City.

Charles Howard, who went to school with the victim, said, "The boy was pinned between the telegram pole and a truck. And he was already dead."

There are no flowers or teddy bears to mark the place where James Holland was killed, only a tattered piece of crime scene tape and evidence of how violently he died.

Charles Howard, who owns Soul Auto Repair, said the impact sounded like the top of a dumpster slamming.

Witnesses say Attaharwi, who owns Mike's School Uniform Headquarters, was driving a delivery truck and intentionally hit Holland.

Witnesses told police Attaharwi believed Holland stole something from his business.

He apparently told officers right after the crash, "They just tried to rob me and I didn't mean to hit him."

But Howard doesn't buy that.

"I can tell you this one thing, I ain't never known him to rob nobody or steal something from somebody," he said.

No one answered the door at Attaharwi's home in Forrest City Tuesday.

Seeing Holland's accused murderer go free has outraged some people in Forrest City who believe justice is not being served.

One of them is District 5 Quorum Court Member Ernestine Weaver, who said, "I don't believe had that been a reverse situation, that an African-American man would have been able to murder somebody and be able to walk free without bond."

Majed Attaharwi is scheduled to be in St. Francis County Circuit Court in October.