Stranger Helps Elderly Woman Because of Military Granddaughter

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(Memphis) A stranger paid hundreds of dollars for an elderly woman to get her car fixed all because she has family serving in the military.

Friday, Cheryl Mason’s 85 year-old mother hit a curb while she was out driving.

“She had a flat tire and she pulled into Goodyear,” said Mason.

There, the great-grandmother discovered all of her mini van’s tires were bald. She had no idea about the problem and no way to fix it.

“I told her she needed to replace all four of her tires. She said she could only afford one of them,” said Jarrod Justus with Goodyear.

Another customer over heard the dilemma. He paid $580.00 for four brand new tires and insurance for the tires.

“When mom got ready to pay for the one tire they said, ‘no everything is taken care of." She was just awestruck. She came home in tears. It's a blessing. It really is. Nowadays you don't hear all of the good stuff people can do,” said Mason.

The man who dropped the cash wanted to remain anonymous.

“We have no idea who he is. They would not tell us,” said Mason.

“The gentlemen said ‘just make sure you tell her granddaughter thank you for what she does for our country,” said Justus.

The good Samaritan overheard Mason's mom talking about her granddaughter who was in the army. Mason was overjoyed by the kindness someone showed her family because her daughter served in the army.

“He has given us a gift. I just want to say thank you,” said Mason.

Part of that gift is Mason and her mother being able to drive to Chattanooga next month. They were planning to make a trip to visit her granddaughter who is turning one. The van that was just repaired was the only way Mason and her mom could get to Chattanooga. If the kind stranger would not have paid for the new tires, the grandmother and great-grandmother would not have been able to make the trip for the toddler’s birthday.

“My mom is 85. She gets to go see her baby. Her great grand-daughter, I'm just so thankful,” said Mason.