Three Charged In Dyersburg, TN Meth Bust

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(Dyersburg, TN) Deputies in Dyer County made three arrests and seized enough ingredients for 17 meth labs.

The bust happened June 15th after lawmen received complaints of drug activity at a house in Dyersburg.

There were no children in the house, but there were pets.

Paige Turnage is a Dyer County Animal Control Officer. She says animals are the helpless victims of people who make and use meth.

They can suffer the same affects as humans.

"They can be burned, they can have chemical burns," she said. "They can have reactions, physically to the drugs, just like a person can."

She says the Dyersburg Animal Shelter is being called more frequently to remove animals from homes where meth has been found.

At the shelter, animals undergo decontamination and detox.

Turnage says she was called to a Dyersburg house June 15th after deputies found meth and meth-making ingredients,

"There were two dogs and cat. the dogs were relatively easy to catch, I just went in and picked them up," she said. "The cat ended up getting away."

Deputies say they found enough ingredients in and around the house for 17 meth labs.

Three people, who were reportedly "just visiting" the house, were arrested and charged.

Rickey Barham is still in the Dyer County jail, but Amy Junior and Brandie McDonald are out on bail.

Friday, a man who said he's Brandie McDonald's brother, adamantly denied any drugs were found at the house where the three were arrested.

He insisted the drugs were next door and got angry that we were taking video of his father's house,

"If you don't turn that camera away from me, I'm gonna break that damn camera."

Neighbors told us that they witnessed Hazmat teams and deputies removing several items from the house.

One of the dogs removed from the house has been returned to its owner, but the other, a puppy, died.

Ricky Barham is being held on $100,000 bond.