Olive Branch Officer Shoots Armed Suspect

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(Olive Branch, MS) An Olive Branch police officer shot an armed suspect in the Dogwood Manor Subdivision Tuesday afternoon.

Firefighters washed away the blood in the street afterwards.

According to people in the neighborhood, a repairman came to a home to do a job and the inebriated homeowner answered the door, angrily waving a gun.

Neighbors said the men physically fought over the weapon before 42-year-old Donald Parker, the man who lived at the home, broke free and ran through the neighborhood.

Police were then called to the scene.

When officers found Parker at Charlotte Drive and Dogwood Manor Drive, a detective spotted the gun in the waistband of Parker's pants.

Detectives repeatedly told Parker to put down the gun, but Parker turned with the gun pointed at the detectives, so they shot him.

Police wouldn't say how many shots were fired.

The shooting happened in a park where neighborhood children play.

"It's very scary I wouldn't think this kind of thing would happen in our neighborhood, but you never know.", said Mindy Howell.

Parker was transported to the Regional Medical Center for treatment. A warrant has been obtained for Parker for the altercation with the repairman.

The detectives were placed on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.