Hearing Resumes for 14-Year-Old Charged with Murder

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(Memphis) Juvenile Court judge Dan Michael is expected to make a decision Tuesday as to whether a 14-year-old accused of killing his mother will be tried as an adult or a juvenile.

“He's very nervous. He's very concerned. He's a kid that doesn't really understand what is going on. I'm doing my best to help him understand the process,” said Public Defender Rob Gowen about his client Jonathan Ray.

Ray is accused of setting a fire April 5th at his parent's home on Bethay drive in Shelby County.

Ray’s mother, Gwendolyn Wallace, died from smoke inhalation in the fire. He is charged with her murder.

In court today, several witnesses took the stand, including a psychologist who treated Ray last year for depression.

A psychiatrist that evaluated Ray testified that with treatment and rehabilitation for a year, he could then determine if Ray can be rehabilitated.

“There's been testimony he can be helped in the juvenile system that DCS has psychiatrist that can see him. And that they can spend years working on him if he chooses to keep this kid in the juvenile justice system,” said Gowen.

Prosecutor Dan Byer declined to speak on camera about the case Monday. Ray’s family also declined to talk until the judge makes his ruling.