Community Fights To Save Neighborhood

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(Memphis) Greta Banks spends a lot of time worried about her grandson Javin. She said her neighborhood in Frayser is quiet, but getting worse.

"A family lived across from me and their home was shot into twice, they have since moved and their house is vacant now," said Banks.

It's one of the reasons many residents met tonight at a Frayser Boulevard church. They swapped stories and tried to create a concrete plan to take back their neighborhood and tackle problems in Memphis as a whole.

It's all part of  Vision 20/20, a plan to drive out crime, increase education and community support.

One of their first projects is Denver Park. The group is fighting for thousands of dollars from the city to help build it back.

"We've finally gotten  to a point of thinking about the things we need to be successful as a neighborhood," said resident Bobby White.

They admit their goals are nothing new, but they hope the outcome is, for the future of their beloved community.