Armed Men Rob Couple At Collierville Park

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(Collierville, TN) Sometimes you just feel like some peace and quiet.

Many in Collierville find that on the greenbelt in Johnson Park. People walk the trails, kids ride their bikes and others fish in the pond.

"It’s a very very safe place,” Teresa Alrbight said. “It’s just like part of my home."

That peace was disrupted Sunday night, when three men pulled guns on a couple walking the trail while it was still light outside.

The robbers ran right by Albright, who was on her nightly walk through the park.

"As I approached the boardwalk, I saw three guys running toward us that didn’t have running clothes on and they weren't sweaty and it just kind of looked odd,” she said. "They looked like they were trying to get somewhere quick. They didn’t look like they were out for an afternoon exercise."

Police say those three men robbed a couple at gunpoint on another part of the trail. They stole credit cards, keys and other personal items.

The men ran away, but didn’t get far.

Kourtney Key, Travin Coleman and Kristopher Key where caught moments later. All three are from Collierville and were charged with aggravated robbery.

"Thank goodness because I live right there at the park,” Albright said. “I’m glad they got them.”

Others walking in the park said it’s a good reminder to everyone.

“It definitely makes me think about not coming here alone,” Nicki Lewis said. "I’m definitely going to be more alert.”

The three men are each being held on a $50,000 bond. All of the stolen items were returned to the couple.