11-Year-Old Won’t Be Charged For Toddler’s Death

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(Sardis, MS) Investigators have ruled the May 31st death of a toddler an accident.

The 2-year-old girl, A-niyah Thomas-Farmer, died after being run over by a car in her grandmother's driveway.

Sardis Police Chief John Deal asked the Mississippi Highway Patrol’s accident reconstruction team to help with the investigation, along with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

He says both took a very scientific approach to getting at the truth of what happened.

”They took measurements of the whole area where the vehicle was located and took a look at the scientific aspects of the vehicle rolling back and all that," he said.

Deal said investigators used those measurements, a review of the "scientific aspects of the vehicle rolling back" and interviews of those involved to determine that the car was parked with the motor running.

An unidentified 11-year-old was sitting in the driver's seat and A-niyah was in the passenger seat. They were listening to the radio, when the gear somehow shifted.

"The child, A-niyah, somehow opened the door and was starting to fall out of the vehicle," Deal said. "The 11-year-old was trying to catch the baby and stop the vehicle at the same time."

The 11-year-old was unable to do either, and A-niyah went under the wheel after she fell out.

No charges will be filed against the 11-year-old.

Deal said he thinks little, if anything, could have been done to prevent the toddler’s death.

He also said it's too early to tell if any adults who were nearby will face any charges. The report is going to the Mississippi Department of Child Services, which will help determine if the parents will face any action.