Man Robbed, Shot, Put in Trunk, and Dumped Survives Attack

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(Memphis) This horror story begins Friday morning. Someone broke into a Hickory Hill home on East Regency Park and stole the keys to a car parked outside.

“I heard about the car being stolen,” neighbor Dorothy Motley said.

What neighbors hadn't heard was what happened next.

According to the police report, on Saturday the men who stole the car chased down a man named Devin Champion.

They shot him and took his wallet.

Police say the men then put the victim into the trunk of the stolen car, fired several more shots and then drove off.

They drove a mile away to Lenox Park where they dumped the victim and left him to die.

The suspects then set the car on fire. Police say to destroy the evidence.

What the suspects didn't expect is that their victim would live.

Despite being shot in the face, he managed to call police and identify his attackers. They were arrested Saturday night.

“It is normally a quiet neighborhood so I came home and saw all the police cars I kind of panicked,” Motley said.

Dorothy Motley didn't know why police were there. When we told her, she was in shock.

“Oh my goodness that is overwhelming,” she said.” Now I’m terrified.”

She has seen the men accused in this heinous crime many times before.

“I don`t know him but he was staying in the house next door,” she said.

The other suspect she said lives there with his parents.

Now Zaccheus Scott and Demarcus Jones are in jail.

Scott is charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, and aggravated robbery. No information was given on Jones.

The arrest affidavit says they both admitted what they did to police.

The victim remains in the MED in critical condition.