Shocking Details In Former Cop’s File

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(Memphis) There’s new information about a former Memphis police officer that could make just about anyone blush.

Brandon Berry is accused of demanding sexual favors to keep a man out of jail. There are explicit details inside Berry’s internal affairs file.

Among other offenses, MPD’s internal investigators found officer Berry not only lied about what he was up to January 18th, but used a man with a warrant for his sexual gratification.

It’s not every day law enforcement shows up to your door looking for a fugitive.

“They had bullet proof vests on and pistols on their leg,” said Nettie Jackson, who lives at a house formerly listed as Berry's address.

Authorities were looking for the former Memphis police officer accused of requesting sexual favors from a wanted man.

“What was he telling you?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall, back in May.

“Stuff I had to do for me not to go to jail,” said the victim, who wants to remain anonymous.

MPD’s affairs say the victim was telling the truth. Investigators spent months looking into the claim and had this to say to Berry in a statement:

“You admitted to having a wanted fugitive detained but refusing to arrest him. You violated the public trust by not acting as a sworn police officer but rather on your sexual urges.

"You stated while at work, in uniform and in a public area, you exposed yourself and masturbated while in your squad car. You did this in the presence of an individual you should have arrested, but instead allowed him in the front seat of your squad car to further your sexual gratification.”

Internal Affairs says Berry initially lied about the allegations, but cracked in a second interview.

He resigned the day his charges were going to be read against him, quitting prior to the hearing on May 27.

The week before his hearing, according the his file, investigators couldn't even find him, when they went to all of his listed addresses.

“Don’t know him,” said Jackson. “I just moved in here a year ago February.”

Then, just this week, Jackson says investigators came back looking for him again after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

“They said if the police come, let them in because they might kick the door in,” she said.

Berry is facing official misconduct charges.

We haven't yet heard back from the District Attorney's Office as to why he's not being charged with a sex crime.

He's out on a $5,000 bond.