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Paula Deen Apologizes, Then Is Fired By TV Network

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Cooking superstar Paula Deen has been told her contract will not be renewed by The Food Network when it expires at the end of June.

Earlier Deen issued an apology via video for remarks she made in the past.

The video, which seemed scripted, was quickly replaced.

The new video appears to have Deen speaking from the heart.

During a deposition, Deen said she used the “N” word years ago after being robbed at a bank by a black male and that she has made off-color jokes in the past.

Some have called Deen a racist, though she has said that is far from the truth.

Gary Thompson, director of Corporate Communications for Caesars Entertainment, released the following statement:

“Paula Deen has acknowledged using a racial slur in the past. As a company with a longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are deeply disturbed by what we are reading in the press and strongly object to any use of racial epithets. We will continue to monitor the situation.”