Man Accused Of Assaulting His Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend

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(Memphis) Wesley Jenkins is charged with aggravated assault, rape and kidnapping.

Police say he could soon be charged with murder or attempted murder if they determine the unborn child of his ex-girlfriend was hurt during an attack.

According to the police report, the victim and her 2-year-old daughter went to Jenkins apartment in south Memphis when they got into an argument.

The victim says she was eight months pregnant with another man’s baby when Jenkins threw her to the ground and started kicking her in the stomach, saying, “I hope that baby dies! It ain’t mine no way!”

She also says Jenkins choked her, forced her to perform oral sex twice, and punched and sat on her pregnant belly.

This isn’t Jenkins’ first run in with the law.

He was arrested and charged in 2012 with domestic assault, and in 2000 with aggravated assault, but those charges were dropped.

He also has several previous drug charges.

“I gotta little girl so that’s kind of scary and I’m a woman myself,” said Ashley Franklin.

Franklin lives a few doors down and saw the police swarm her apartment complex.

“He has kids down there. To me, he was like a nice person. He was like a father,” said Franklin.

Police found out because one of the victim’s friends called her cell phone and Jenkins answered, so her friend called police.

Lizzie Wallace lives downstairs and is worried for her own safety.

“I’m 79 years old and if they do a young person like that, they’ll probably kill me,” said Wallace.

This arrest comes the same day the first global study on domestic violence was released saying nearly one-third of all women in the world have been assaulted by a partner.