Nearly 1,200 Bridges In TN Are ‘Structurally Deficient’

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(Memphis) Traffic is flowing again on the Interstate Five Bridge in Washington state less than a month after it collapsed.

This comes on the heels of a new study about the safety of bridges across the country.

According to a new report by Transportation for America, more than 66,405 bridges in the United States are structurally deficient.

That includes nearly 1,200 bridges in Tennessee and nearly 900 in Arkansas.

We found around 37 in Shelby County alone.

It doesn't mean the bridges are about to collapse, but does mean they are old and will be in need of repairs in the future.

Drivers admit some bridges like the old 55 Bridge to West Memphis, Arkansas make them nervous.

"I don't know what is underneath it," said Tom Rowe.

TDOT says drivers should report anything they notice that's wrong with the bridges, like deteriorating concrete, but says every bridge in Tennessee is inspected every two years and they do everything to keep the traveling public safe.

"Many of the bridges are old, but they are all maintained and kept up and through our inspection replacement program we do a pretty good job," said Stan Reynolds with TDOT Maintenance Bridge Repair.

There are 6,000 bridges in Tennessee. It this most recent study Tennessee came in 44 on the list with 51 being the best.