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BoBo Is A Sweet Pit Who Needs A Good Home

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Time to meet today's Furry Friend.

His name is BoBo and he has had a pretty rough life.

He was first discovered hanging around a construction site.

The workers fed him for a while, but eventually, their project ended, and they had to leave.

One of the workers placed a call, and that's when Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue stepped in.

They took Bo Bo to Berclair Animal Hospital, where he was diagnosed with mange, and a genetic birth defect.

He was treated, but then about a couple weeks ago he had to have surgery again.

Getting BoBo all his treatment has cost the small rescue group $5,500!

If you can help out with the cost, or if you want to give Bo Bo his forever homeā€¦

You may go to their pay pal account at http://heartsofgoldpitrescue.com


  • To donate directly:
  • BoBo's Care
  • Berclair Animal Hospital
  • 4670 Summer Ave
  • Memphis, TN 38122
  • (901) 685-8204