Weights and Measures Employees Could Be Cut in Budget

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(Memphis) The Memphis City Council will decide Tuesday if they will include the four employees in the city’s Weights and Measures Department in a Severance Package Resolution. Motor Vehicle Inspection Workers were already approved for the severance package.

“These are the people that go out and check the scales in the grocery stores, when you see the little sticker that says this is the true weight,” explained Memphis Chief Administrative Officer George Little, who said the state will now take over weights and measures inspections.

The department also verifies accuracy of taxi meters and regulates accuracy of fuel dispensers at gas stations.

“It actually cost us more to do that for the state than what we get in fees. When we examined that issue and reported back to council, what we found is we couldn’t raise the rates enough to cover the cost without it becoming a real burden on business,” said Little.

Little said the move will save the city anywhere from $300,000 to $400,000 this next fiscal year, but could save even more in future years.

The cut is a part of a new budget that will be presented to city council next week. That budget will also include money to go towards debt and the reserve fund.