High Abandonments Fill Bartlett Animal Shelter

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(Memphis) The Bartlett Animal Shelter is pleading with the public to give their animals a good home, because right now they are full with no space to spare.

The shelter says they’re having such a hard time with their kennels being packed because with the summertime, they’re seeing an increase in people bringing their pets to the dog park next door and abandoning them.

“I think it’s probably due to the fact of the time of the year and the fact of the lack of spay and neuter and just the economy in general. Pets are always impacted,” said shelter director Kim Scheu.

It’s not just the dog park.

More people are abandoning animals in neighborhoods around town too.

Scheu says they have almost 80 kennels for cats and dogs, and they’re all full, with many other animals temporarily placed with foster families.

“Normally our adoptions keep up pretty well, but we’ve just seen a really big lull in adoptions of the past few months and it’s impacted up to the point where we are just so full back there with dogs,” said Scheu.

Scheu is hoping to see a boost in adoptions Saturday at the Petsmart at Wolfchase.

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., you can come by and adopt one of the animals for just $47.

They come with all their shots up-to-date, they’re already spayed or neutered and they have an ID chip to help you find them if they ever get lost.

Any other day, you can adopt one of the pets at the low-kill shelter for $80.

If you’re a Bartlett resident and you’re interesting in fostering some of these animals to clear up some kennel space, just go by the shelter and fill out an application.

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