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Four Men Arrested After Putting Friend in Trunk

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(Bartlett) What would you think if you saw someone getting stuffed in a trunk late a night in a Walmart parking lot?

"Probably a kidnapping most likely that’s what I would be thinking something crazy like that," Aja Chambers said.

Understandably then, someone who saw four men putting a man into their trunk was concerned and called police. It happened just after midnight (early Friday) in the Walmart parking lot in Bartlett.

Officers showed up just as the men were about to leave. Turns out, it wasn't a kidnapping at all.

According to the police report, the men told the officers their friend passed out from drinking and they needed to make room to pick someone else up.

So, "they decided they would just place him in the trunk of the vehicle and let him ride back there."

“That was stupid and silly he could have suffocated," Chambers said.

But police didn’t just find a man in the car. They also found several cans of compressed air.

Most people use it to clean keyboards, but police say others inhale it. It’s called huffing.

Police said all four men "had the smell of an intoxicant on or about their person."

The night of partying finally ended with the four friends behind bars, and one man in the hospital.

The suspects are Jonathon Wallace, James Grable, Michael Patton and Enon Grable. They are charged with various crimes from reckless endangerment to unlawful huffing.

Their friend was treated at the hospital.